Yatong 20-63mm PE PPR Pipe Extrusion Line /Plastic Pipe Production Line / Extruder

As a high torque involute spline shaft, we can provide Chinese and German standard customization. More alloy materials are available. For twin screw extruder accessories. Used for all kinds of wood plastic composite granulation. using for SPC floor, WPC wallboard, WPC profile production accessories.

Product Details
We have a dedicated product research and development department to continuously improve the products produced, so that our Twin Screw Extruder Screw And Barrel, Aluminum-Casting Electric Heater, PVC Pipe Lines is always at the advanced level. We help customers increase value, achieving mutual benefit and win-win results. With advantage of industry management, the company has always been committed to supporting customers to become the market leader in their respective industries. Our company has gradually expanded product sales and services to many regions of the world, and our comprehensive strength is increasing day by day. Guided by the market, with products as the core, we continue to create various products categories to better satisfy customers' needs.

Product application

kalshine offers tough and durable Axle Special for PE Wood-plastic Composite Extruder ,for the production of SPC floor, wood plastic wallboard and wood plastic profile. manufactures shaft for twin screw extruder which is ranging from 25mm to 177mm in diameter for most major brands . Our high-quality heat treatment process produces a tough and durable mandrel with high torque.

Wood-plastic Composite Extruder Spare Parts3

Size Range

We aoffer a variety of shafts: stand involute spiral spline , single keyway s,4-key /6-key/8-key rectangular key spline, Dowel keys, Tapered Keys, Woodruff Keys, even Multi-teeth involute spiral spline, we also have Hexagonal axis, Polygonal axis, some for the food extrusion and pet food machine. More details please ask the manger market@kalshine.com


Equipment Display

芯轴加工More parameters, phone or email to contact us.

Since different customers have different needs, we hope to provide Yatong 20-63mm PE PPR Pipe Extrusion Line /Plastic Pipe Production Line / Extruder and services that meet customer needs through effective configuration of technology, production and service elements. Our products are mainly exported to all over the world. Overall, we can ensure good product quality, timely delivery and honesty are the core principles of our business. Simply put, our customers and our company are win-win and mutual benefit.
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