Three Layers PP/PPR/PE Composite Pipes Making Machine/Production Machine/Extrusion Machine

PPR Pipe Extrusion Line,PP-RT pipe manufacturing machine, PPR pipe making machine

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In the face of the fierce market competition, we will be perfecting our own management and developing direction constantly, in order to make our Axis for Plastic Extrusion, Twin Screw Of PTFE Extruder, three Screw Extruder Barrel capture the international market rapidly. Our company attaches great importance to the combination of service and technology, realizes value-added services and rapid response mechanism. We hope to establish an effective management method to promote communication and cooperation between enterprises and between enterprises and customers. We often persist with the theory 'Quality To start with, Prestige Supreme'. We will integrate the details of the service with a professional attitude, spirit and practice to make the performance of the service more humane.


Application of PP-R tube
Drinking water transportation
Cold and hot water transportation
underfloor heating
Central heating in residential and industrial
Industrial transport (chemical liquid and gas)
Special applications (seabed network, high electrochemical corrosion network, etc.)


PPR Pipe Extrusion Line

Main Technical Specification





φ65/30 φ25/25

φ90/30 φ25/25

Range of Pipe Dia.



Installed Capacity






Total Weight



Welcome to contact our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China to place an order of the ppr/pp/pert pipe extrusion line. Our factory has employed a group of highly qualified staff at your service. Please be free to get the quality products made in China from us.

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Since the establishment, our company has always practiced the concept of science-led development, accumulated experience in the Three Layers PP/PPR/PE Composite Pipes Making Machine/Production Machine/Extrusion Machine field, so as to provide users with high-quality and reliable products. If you need any of our products, or have other items to be produced, please send us your inquiries, samples or detailed drawings. We'll satisfy you with our qualified service!
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