Shaft for Kobe Twin Screw Extruder

The Involute Spline Shaft is widely used in the co-rotating twin screw extruder and building block single screw extruder, twin-screw extrusion granulation & production, puffed food , paper and powder coating industries. kalshine provides a variety of spline shafts, a variety of materials.

Product Details
We strive to make conscientious products and do every detail of the quality Spare Parts For Twin Screw, On sell New Involute Screw Element, High-performance Alloy Steel Splined Shaft, let users rest assured and continue to create value for customers, thereby achieve the goal of win-win cooperation. We constantly refresh the industry trend and provide customers and franchisees with perfect choices. We hope to cooperate with much more shoppers for mutual enhancement and benefits. We are adhering to the enterprise spirit of 'innovative technology, product refinement, and quality stability', and strive to provide users with complete products and considerate services.

Industry application of quality shaft

The Involute Spline Shaft is suitable for building block single twin screw extruder, which is widely used in plastic and rubber industry, petrochemical industry, food industry, and extruded products can be seen everywhere in our life

Standard Involute Spline Shaft.jpg

About the standard splines :

In most time, we provide Chinese standard involute spline shafts. The standard is as follows:

 GB/T 3478.1-1995- Chinese Standard for Cylindrical Straight Tooth Involute Spline

GB3478-Chinese Standard for Cylindrical Straight Tooth Involute Spline.jpg

If you adopt,

DIN 5480- German Involute Spline Standard

Or ANSI B92.1-1970(R 1993)-American National Standard Involute Spline

Or JISB1603-Japanese Involute Spline Standard

Or Enterprise Standards

You need to provide both drawings and standard documents. Maybe we used to produce the shafts, but the Involute Spline Standard need to be confirmed again.

How to make a good shaft?

How to make a good shaft.jpg

We provide high quality shaft for parallel twin screw extrusion and single screw extrusion which mainly used with building block type screw element and split barrel. the Diameter Range is from φ8mm to φ100mm,and the Length Range is from 20mm to 10000mm, Super long axis is leading in China

Come to  Kalshine, choose high torque and high strength mandrel!

 buyer reading

Over the years, we have won the recognition and praise of domestic and foreign users in the field of Shaft for Kobe Twin Screw Extruder. Welcome new and old customers and technical experts to give valuable advice and guidance to our products. We have become a designated supplier for many enterprises. We have formed a strong production and design and development capability to ensure product quality, precision and stability.
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