Plastic Bottle Professional Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Core Shaft of Parallel Twin Screw Extruder, Screw shaft,Extruder Shaft

Product Details
We have many years of rich manufacturing experience. We meet the individual needs of customers with advanced design concepts, produce high-quality On sell Tri-Lobe Screw Element, Sandwich Panel Production Line, Plastic Pipe Extrusionds for customers and provide comprehensive after-sales services for them. We are fully adjusting the corporate structure in accordance with the modern corporate model and striving to build a perfect corporate management system. We insist on implementing product innovation, technological innovation and management innovation. Our company members have many years of professional relevant background, thus we can be more attentive on innovation.

Axis for Plastic Extrusion line

The shaft is used with screw elements, suitable for various kinds  of parallel twin-screw extruders or single-screw extruders 

Taking full advantage of co-rotating technology, we provide high-quality Plastic Extrusion Axis for mixing and extrusion of various materials, and for processing in many fields. Our Axis have good machining accuracy, which fully guarantees the replaceability. Technology has been in the leading level of cold processing axis, customers have a good evaluation of our shaft and have been using.


Internal Spline Model of Axis for Plastic Extrusion

Axis for Plastic Extrusion.PNG

Capabilities of Axis for Plastic Extrusion

High performance alloy steels selected to match specific applications

Configurations for most major twin screw manufacturers including; Coperion, Werner & Pfleiderer, Berstorff, Clextral, Buhler , Davis Standard, APV, Blach, Leistritz, and many more


Application Type of Axis for Plastic Extrusion

We make replacement parts for other co-rotating and counter-rotating brands, as well. Sizes range from 27mm to 250mm. the Max machining length is 10000mm

The suitable extrusion models are as follows: Mode20, Model 25, Mode35, model 40, model 58, model 65, model 75, model 85, model 95, model 125, model 135, model 145, model 175


Material Performance Comparison

MaterialMaterial   PropertiesPerformance   & Characteristic
40CrNiMoAAlloy   structural steelCommon   materials
05CR17Ni4Cu4NPrecipitated   martensitic stainless steelStrong   corrosion resistance material
WR15EHigh   Strength Powder Alloy SteelWear-resistant   material
WR30Wear-resistant   iron-based chromium-molybdenum alloy steelSuper   high toughness, good wear resistance and corrosion resistant material

For more information, please contact customer service consultation. We offer a range of materials that are designed to provide long product life for even the most challenging resins and formulations, including corrosives and abrasive materials.

KALSHINE has the metallurgical expertise, as well as the know-how to meet any special needs in processing, longevity requirements, and L/D ratios.

 Fine Grinding Cylindrical, Special Grinder

Our Plastic Bottle Professional Extrusion Blow Molding Machine is rich and diverse, with high quality and low price, which meet the needs of different levels of market. Our design always starts from the details to meet the requirements of every detail in use. In the design, we try to think more, understand more and do more. Expertise and know-how ensure that we are always enjoying the trust from our customers in our business activities.
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