Floating Aquatic Fish Food Extruder Pellet Mill Making Machine

quality screw and barrel for puffed food machine, suitable for extruder with high output and high speed.

Product Details
We have been accumulating experience and actively introducing new technologies. We always believe that only by continuously satisfying the various needs of customers and providing them with excellent PERT Pipe Making Machine, Screw For Puffed Food Machine, Modular Screw Elements And Barrels and services can we gain a place in the future market competition! Our mission is to deliver consistently superior value to our customers and their clients. We warmly welcome all interested customers to contact us for more information.

We have the experience and the understanding to provide screw elements, barrels and more to companies working in the puffed food production industry. Suitable for applications such as flours and starches, cereals, snacks, pet food, and biodegradable products.

Material of Screw:

C12MoV, D2, 304,316L stainless steel, PH stainless steel, H-C stainless steel etc.

Parameter of Screw:

Material requirements: Compliance Standard (EU) 10-2011

Surface roughness: Ra < 0.4 um

Straightness/M: Level 7, GB/T1184-1996

Kalshine provides you with wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, low kneading screw for your choice. Please contact the following email for details.

For many years, our company has focused on the manufacture of Floating Aquatic Fish Food Extruder Pellet Mill Making Machine and is one of most competitive suppliers in China. We integrate all our advantages to continuously innovate, improve and optimize our industrial structure and product performance. All inquiries from you will be highly appreciated.
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