Co-Rotating Parallel Plastic Masterbatch Filling and Compounding Twin Screw Extrusion

PET Granulation, PET Bottle Recycling Granulation, Parallel Twin-Screw Pelletizing, Single-Screw Pelletizing, Twin-Screw Extruder, Wear-Resistant Screw Shaft, Barrels and Components Part.

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Technological innovation can effectively increase the added value of our Design Splined Shaft for Papermaking machine, PVC Roofing Corrguated Tile Sheet Machineds, PP Pipe Extrusion Line and enhance the core competitiveness of our company. It is our perennial goal to make sure that we are providing customers with satisfactory products and services. Under the constantly changing conditions of the new economy, creating an innovative learning team is the fundamental weapon for an enterprise to succeed in the market. We take 'based on the local, fly over China, want to net the world' as the market orientation and development goal. Welcoming interested businesses to cooperate with us, we look forward to owning the opportunity of working with companies around the planet for joint expansion and mutual results.

PET plastics is the abbreviation of Polyethylene terephthalate in English, referred to as PET or PETP. It is a condensate of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. Together with PBT, it is called thermoplastic polyester, or saturated polyester. It is one of the five engineering plastics.

PET can be used to make film sheets, packaging bottles, electronic appliances, automotive accessories, various mechanical equipment such as gears, cams, pump shells, belt pulleys, motor frames and clock parts, also can be used as microwave oven pans, various roofs, outdoor billboards and models. PET has a wide range of uses, covering all aspects of our lives.

In order to produce white transparent and high viscosity, recycled bottle flakes should be pelletized with suitable screw and take full account of the characteristics of PET, which can be sold to bottle blowers for reuse and obtain higher value.

The screw needs high precision to ensure that there is no clearance between threaded components, so that the extruded particles can not appear black spots.

When choosing screw arrangement, attention should be paid to the shear strength of screw.

In order to prevent the high temperature hydrolysis of PET, the drying box should be used to pre-crystallize the PET.

We investigate the production of Co-Rotating Parallel Plastic Masterbatch Filling and Compounding Twin Screw Extrusion, and take advantage of the strengths of many other manufacturers to innovate it continuously. Our enterprise has become a new star of the industry with its strong talent advantages, strong technical advantages and scale advantages. To be the stage of realizing dreams of our employees!
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