Resistant Fiberglass Mesh

Kalshine Provide quality fiberglass mesh products:Fiberglass Tape,Fiberglass Mesh ,Fiberglass Cloth,Self-Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Tap,Self Adhesive Fiberglass Cloth,Coated Alkaline-resistant Fiberglass Mesh, Fiberglass Mesh tape, Fiberglass cloth roll,Fiberglass casting Tape.fiberglass reinforcement mesh.

Product Details

Kalshine Co., Ltd. is a leading company which specialized in supplying fiberglass and Thermal insulation building materials in China. We have the largest producer for fiberglass mesh and tape in China.Our company is near to sea port and Shanghai. 

Our main fiberglass products:Alkaline resistant fiberglass mesh , self adhesive fiberglass tape and paper tape,corner tape, PTFE coated fabric, Fiberglass tissue, wall covering, woven roving,chopped strand mat ,fiberglass roving,high temperature fiberglass cloth,etc.

We own advanced equipments including weaving machines and coating production lines in China. We use good fiberglass materials like JUSHI company and chemical glue from Germany BASF and high technology to guarantee best quality in the world. We strictly control production as quality system in our company etc.

201803231018114263183.jpgCoated Alkaline-Resistant Fiberglass Mesh                                                                                         Fiberglass Mesh, fiberGlass mesh cloth,fiberGlass mesh roll,fiberGlass mesh tape.Coated Alkali-resistant glass fiber compared with ordinary non alkali, alkali glass fiber, has its remarkable characteristics: good alkali resistance, high tensile strength, cement and other alkali medium has strong corrosion resistance, glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) can not be replaced in the reinforced material.

201803231018127678693.jpgSelf-Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Tape                                                                                                  Fiberglass Tape

201803231018117492428.jpgFiber Glass Screen With Inflaming Retarding PVC                                                                                     Fiber Glass screen with inflaming retarding PVC

201803231018115735765.jpgSelf Adhesive Fiberglass Cloth                                Fiberglass Cloth,fiberglass cloth roll,Fiberglass casting Tap.

Welcome to contact our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China to place an order of the  fiberglass products. Our factory has employed a group of highly qualified staff at your service. Please be free to get the quality products made in China from us.

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