Self Adhesive Fiberglass Cloth

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Fiberglass Cloth tape


Fiberglass Cloth tape(the self adhesive fiberglass cloth) is based on glass fiber woven fabric, and is soaked by polymer anti emulsion. It has good resistance to alkaline, flexibility, and warp and warp to high tensile strength, and can be widely used for insulation, waterproof and crack resistance of internal and external walls of buildings.

Main parameter

Mesh Size(mm)










Main performance and characteristics:

1. The chemical stability is good. Resistance to alkali, acid, water, corrosion resistance, and other chemical corrosion, and resin adhesive, easy to dissolve in styrene and so on.

2. High strength, high modulus and light weight.

3, good dimensional stability, stiffness and smooth, not easy to deformation, shrinkage of.

4, the impact resistance is good. (because of high strength of net cloth and good toughness)

5, prevent mildew change, pest control.

6. Fire protection, insulation, sound insulation and insulation.

The simple methods to repair the cracks in the wall as follows:

1, the wall remains clean and dry.

2, attach tape and press tight at the crack.

3, confirm the gap has been covered in tape, then tape the knife more she cut off, finally brush mortar.

4, let it dry naturally, and then gently grind.

5, fill up enough paint to make the surface smooth.

6, excision of the leakage of tape. Then notice that all the cracks have been properly mended and modified with subtle composite materials.

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