Red Phosphorus Flame Retardant Masterbatch

Micro gelating red phosphorus flame retardant Micro gelating capsule red phosphorus, is also known as high efficiency encapsulated red phosphorus flame retardant...

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Red phosphorus flame retardant masterbatch

These are custom-made flame-retardant masterbatches specifically designed to be user-friendly and environmentally aware.

Micro gelating capsule red phosphorus, is also known as high efficiency encapsulated red phosphorus flame retardant,for short MRP. Red phosphorus content ≥ 90%, fineness 5-10um. Purple-red powder, relative density is 2.1, 0.6g/cm3 bulk density. Less moisture, water absorption< 1.2%. Good mixed with resin and rubber, does not affect the curing and vulcanization process, does not release ammonia and formaldehyde. Excellent electric Department, nontoxic. LD5015000mg/kg.
MRP is a very efficient halogen-free flame retardant, for almost all the polymeric materials have flame retardant effect, special use, general usage in 5-10 %.

dedb6128-cac6-48ec-b3f2-22c5f10b3108_0Product index
Appearance: light red powder
Phosphorus content: ≥ 90%
Moisture: ≤ 0.5%
Antioxidant index: mgNa/ ≤ 5
Size: D50<10u
Package: 30 kg, paper cartridge, six 5 kg small package inside.

The products have been granulated and are typically the size of small pellets or granules. This form resolves issues a powdered form would have such as being cleaner, and being easier to store, use, and transport. Feel free to contact us for specifications or recommended dosages. Our experts can help you determine which solution is best based on your material. Our factory has employed a group of highly qualified staff at your service. Please be free to get the quality products made in China from us.

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