Micro Gelating Capsule Redphosphorus (MRP)

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Micro gelating red phosphorus flame retardant
Micro gelating capsule red phosphorus, is also known as high efficiency encapsulated red phosphorus flame retardant,for short MRP. Red phosphorus content ≥ 90%, fineness 5-10um. Purple-red powder, relative density is 2.1, 0.6g/cm3 bulk density. Less moisture, water absorption< 1.2%. Good mixed with resin and rubber, does not affect the curing and vulcanization process, does not release ammonia and formaldehyde. Excellent electric Department, nontoxic. LD5015000mg/kg.
MRP is a very efficient halogen-free flame retardant, for almost all the polymeric materials have flame retardant effect, special use, general usage in 5-10 %.

Product index
Appearance: light red powder
Phosphorus content: ≥ 90%
Moisture: ≤ 0.5%
Antioxidant index: mgNa/g.hr ≤ 5
Size: D50<10u
Package: 30 kg, paper cartridge, six 5 kg small package inside.

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