PTFE For Calibrator Of XPS Extrusion Line

PTFE for Calibrator of XPS Extrusion Line

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 Key point: Usually no special resistant materials are used in the extrusion traction belt of the XPS production line, which is very prone to unexpected problems, such as high temperature, easy explosion, too much friction, slow traction speed, etc.

,Heat Resistant Teflon Belts                          ,Heat Resistant Teflon Belts

Figure 1:Without ptfe traction belt, it is easy to overheat                                    

Figure 2: Use ptfe material,    high temperature resistance                                                               


KALSHINE innovatively added other additives on the basis of polytetrafluoroethylene in the extrusion traction belt of the XPS extruded board production line, which greatly improved the surface smoothness, greatly reduced the generation of static electricity, and retained It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life. After using modified PTFE, you can safely use LPG, Butan, DME and other flammable gases as blowing agents. This product will greatly reduce your flammability problems.

It can minimize the risk of fire in the process of foaming with flammable and explosive gases, greatly reducing production costs, ensuring production stability and Persistent.


1.High temperature resistance and adherence resistance

2.Good renstrength,preventing deflecting     

3.Excellent capability of resistance of static

4.Smooth surface,more suits for super thin lining                                 

5.Flex fatigue resistance,durable,long using    

          Heat Resistant Teflon Belts

Welcome to contact our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China to place an order of the PTFE which is special for XPS foam board extrusion line. Our factory has employed a group of highly qualified staff at your service. Please be free to get the quality products made in China from us.


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