High Compression Strength XPS Foam Board

High Compression Strength max1000Kpa XPS Foam Board

Product Details

 High Compression Extruded Polystyrene Foam Board is a thermal insulation board of extruded polystyrene, bearing a Compression Strength of 1000Kpa, having a smooth surface to prevent the formation of thermal bridges.

Due to its Extra High Compression Strength and good Thermal Resistance, it is widely applied in China High Speed Railway Base . The XPS layer in such use prevent railway from damages caused by freeze thaw.

Blowing Agents of  Extruded Polystyrene Foam Board
The Blowing Agent of CO2 is added in the formulation in order to reach a Compression Strength of 1000Kpa. The CO2 tends to make smaller pore size and make density as high as 50Kg/m3, which enables XPS to bear higher Compression Strength.

The existence of CO2 presents higher System Pressure requirement to the extruder. Due to boiling point of CO2 is as low as - 78.4 degree, the Extruding System Pressure must be kept around 25Mpa to maintain its liquid state, which means Mould can not be opened largely. This also determines that thickness greater than 50mm at 700Kpa is difficult to produce.

Technical Parameters of High Compression XPS Foam Board:





Apparent Density


43 - 53

GB/T6343 - 1995

Thermal Conductivity

10℃           25℃



≦ 0.035

≦ 0.038

GB/T 10294 - 2008

Shear Strength


≧ 300

GB/T10007 - 2008

Compression Strength


≧ 700

GB/T 8813 - 2008

Elasticity Modulus


38 - 42

GB/T 8813 - 2008

Closed-cell Rate


≧ 95

GB/T10799 - 2008

Dimensional Stability



GB/T8811 - 2008

Fire Behaviour


GB 8624 - 2008

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