Die Plate Plastic Pelletizing For PE

Die Plate Plastic Pelletizing For PE
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Pelletizer die plate for PE

We offer durable Granulation die plate for PE,PE/ PP Underwater pelletizer die plate,Water-ring pelletizer die plate

Die Plate Plastic Pelletizing For PE

1 Vacuum alloy welding process, after non-destructive testing, safe and reliable

2 The super wear resistance and hardness of 2 alloy material reach HRA90-92

3 Heating mode, electric heating, oil heating or other special ways can also be chosen.

4 Discharge stable, smooth, no freezing

5 Provide quality assurance under normal production conditions

Our Service Include But Are Not Limited To:

l  Drawing and Measuring: We provide surveying and mapping and reverse service. You can send us your bad Die Plate by mail. We can see if it can be repaired and if necessary, it can be surveyed and mapped to produce new ones.

l  Drawing processing: If you have processing drawings, we can process according to the drawings.

l  Description of production situation: Please describe the normal production situation as detailed as possible, the repair of the die before or the grinding of the die surface, etc.

l  Aspects of improvement: Please put forward the direction or requirements you want to improve, our engineers will give you the appropriate solution according to the actual situation.

Common Pelletizing Problems Concerning Dies and Cutting Tools

Q:why Why does it occur inconsistent Grind Size, Excessive Fines & Dust in the production process?

A: It may be that the die and tool you are using have worn out, resulting in Dull knives , or that the gap between the die and the knivesl is not consistent, or that the sieve hole is worn out.


Q: Why is there a lot of noise in underwater granulation?

A: There maybe something wrong at Loose motor mounts, Damaged rotor, Unbalanced rotor, Defective or worn bearings, Worn belts


Q: Why does die plate not wear-resistant ?

A: Look at the recently replaced balder material, is it harder than the die plate? Whether the production situation has too much feeder and too fast speed, compared with the previous situation whether the production of raw materials have changed. Or the die plate requires treatment or coating