TPU Twin Screw Reaction Extrusion Line

TPU TWIN Screw Reaction Extrusion Line Suitable materials:PP、PE、Elastomer, hot melt glue(PA、TPU、EVA), PS、SAN、ABS、PMMA、POM、PC、PET、PBT

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TPU TWIN Screw Reaction Extrusion Line
Suitable materials:PP、PE、Elastomer, hot melt glue(PA、TPU、EVA), PS、SAN、ABS、PMMA、POM、PC、PET、PBT

Both screws and barrels were designed using the building block principle. The screw configuration. Barrel setup, screw L/D, the number and protocol of feeding and venting, screen change, way of granulating, and the electric control mode are optimally adjusted according to different material properties and process requirements, in consideration of the machine's versatility in other general application.

Designed by CAD, the closely intermeshed screw elements have excellent self-wiping characteristics, and can be interchanged with each other easily. Or over 20years of experience in screw design and software development enable us to realize efficient solids conveying, melting/plasticating, mixing/compounding, dispersing, homogenization, devolatiliation, pressure-buildup in twin screw extruders, in accordance to the specific requirements of each process. To meet the increasingly. Screw elements are slid onto and new processes, we are providing new types of screw elements are slid onto a spline shaft to achieve higher torque and higher screw channel volume for even higher throughput.

Host components with the pivot screw connection with the adoption of international standards of sync involute spline in the form of fully tap the potential of space-limited structure, to achieve balance between the work of a higher torque and greater volume of work of the screw.

To transport the high torque and precise phasic position, the newly designed torque distribution system, high-precision grinding of hardened gear teeth, high quality key bearings from Germany SKF GMBH can be founded in our gearbox

Metering feeders are equipped with single screw, twin screws(both intermeshing and non-intermeshing), or springs to meet different flow properties of bulk particulates. Besides the standard volumetric metering feeders, the loss-in-weight feeder with accuracy as high as 0.5 % are also available.

Granulating system includes water-trough strand pelletizing, air-cooling strand pelletizing, air-cooling die face cutting, water-ring die-face cutting, eccentric hot face cutting with special cooling, and underwater palletizing, Our engineers will recommend you with the best suitable way of granulating according to your material characteristics and process requirements.

For most applications, standard nitrated steel is used for barrels and screw elements. For applications with particular requirements, high corrosion-resistant and high wear-resistant materials of construction with special heat treatments are also provided for our customers to choose.

He key components in the electric control system are all imported very reliable instruments. Simulating control panel, PLC control, and PCC control are also provided upon request besides the standard control mode.

Due to its low vibration and low noise level, the main extruder can be installed on most solid grounds with no need for any special base.

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