TPU Pelletizing Extruder Shaft

Taking full advantage of co-rotating technology, kalshine supply of replacement parts & auxiliary for twin screw extruders and support services for many industries, including plastics compounding, masterbatch, powder coatings, human food, pet food, Papermaking machinery, and many others.

Product Details

Splined Shaft for water ring pelletizing line

We offer special TPU pelletizing extruder shaft customization.

KALSHINE has the metallurgical expertise, as well as the know-how to meet any special needs in processing, longevity requirements, and L/D ratios.

 TPU Pelletizing Extruder Shaft Parameter

Application  extruder type type20\25type 35type  40
type 65type 75type  85
type 58type 95type 125
type 135type 145type 175