Splined Shaft For XPS Foam Board Production Line

Kalshine supplys Splined Shaft Specialized for XPS Foam Board Production Line ,The high torque involute spline shaft is especially suitable for co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder.more high-accuracy and more stability.

Product Details

Splined Shaft900

Our strength is we have a professional team engaged in XPS extrusion industry for 10 years.  Our engineers have a clear understanding of the production process of XPS foam board extrusion, and the experience of equipment manufacture and the maintenance. By constantly perfected and summarized, we have applied different screw for the production of XPS foam board extruder when it extrusion different thickness or different bulk density needed board.Customers from many countries and regions have used our screw, and have given them high praise., we offer the industry’s best selection of mill-duty products.


We offer a range of materials that are designed to provide long product life for even the most challenging resins and formulations, including corrosives and abrasive materials.

KALSHINE has the metallurgical expertise, as well as the know-how to meet any special needs in processing, longevity requirements, and L/D ratios.

Shart Parameter

The shaft diameters range from 8 - 100mm with six keys, or eight keys ,or involute spline on the larger sizes.

Longer shaft lengths, a stainless steel version and Multi-teeth involute spiral spline are available upon request.