Splined Shaft For Water Ring Pelletizing Line

High quality involute spline shaft for water ring pelletizing line: filling caco3;talc filled PE, PP ;cable compounds of LDPE, HDPE;TPU, TPV compounds etc. Fit various brand extruders, with durable screw elements, kneading blocks, mixing elements,components,ensure your production Efficient and stable

Product Details

Splined Shaft for water ring pelletizing line


We make replaceable shaft for other co-rotating and counter-rotating brands, as well. length range from 20mm to 10000mm. All components are inspected and guaranteed compatible with OEM equipment.

Shaft Materials

We offer a range of materials that are designed to provide long product life for even the most challenging resins and formulations, including corrosives and abrasive materials.

KALSHINE has the metallurgical expertise, as well as the know-how to meet any special needs in processing, longevity requirements, and L/D ratios.

Shaft Parameter

Standard extruder model: 20Type-135Type

Diameter  range:φ8mm-φ100mm

Length  range:20mm-10000mm

Torque range:5nm-12nm (High torque spline shaft you can ask :market@kalshine.com)

Processing process and equipment

Splined Shaft900

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