Splined Shaft For Strand Pelletizing Line

Splined Shaft for strand pelletizing line,The shaft is suitable for PP, PA, PBT glass fiber reinforced granulation, low filling calcium talcum powder granulation, PP masterbatch granulation, degradation masterbatch manufacturing (such as PS + starch), flame retardant extrusion, etc

Product Details

Cold Rolling Shaft by kalshine2

Kalshine combine more than 20 years of experience serving the shaft making industry. Our easy to operate, easy to maintain Spline shaft feature advanced technology which allows processors to run at faster speeds with minimal vibration. Combined with a complete line of screw elements ,shafts and barrels, we offer the industry’s best selection of mill-duty products.

Splined Shaft for strand pelletizing line

reinforcement: glass fiber reinforced PP, PA, PBT

blending and alloy: PC/ABS, PP/EPDM or SBS 

filling: caco3, talc filled PE, PP

color masterbatch: PE, PET, PP with pigments

flame retardants : PP, PA, ABS, PBT with flame retardants

air cooling hot face pelletizing line

filling: caco3, talc filled PE, EVA

degradable masterbatch: PE, PS + starch

flame retardants : PE, EVA + MG(OH)2, AL2(OH)3 

Parameter of Shart 

The shaft diameters range from 8 - 100mm, length range from 20 - 9000mm with six keys, or eight keys ,or involute spline on the larger sizes. Multi-teeth involute spiral spline are available upon request. 

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