Spare Parts For Twin Screw

Kalshine offer the best selection on Spare Parts for Twin Screw, supply High quality fully splined shaft, coupling and tips.Suitable for various brands of extruders, 100% replaceable.

Product Details

Spare Parts for Twin Screw Suitable for various brands of extruders:

W&P(ZSK-MC),CMP( TSE), Berstorff(ZE),Leistritz(ZSE-MICRO),Maris(TM-W),JSW(TEX),SM(TEK-HS),Feddem( FED-MTS),Theysohn( TSK),Fessia Macross(NRII),Labtech(LTE),APV(MP65),USEON(TDS),SHIZHOU(MTE),KEYA,LANTAI etc.

Spare Parts for Twin Screw has many types:

Reference extruder model:TSE20-TSE135 

Shaft diameters range : 8 - 100mm

Shaft Length range:270-10000mm

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Screw Elements

screw element, or  screw segment, is combined with the shaft to form a complete screw which is used in single screw extruder or twin-screw extruder.  it is widely used.such as plastic granulation, extrusion products, extrusion food, production coating, expanded food extrusion or papermaking, etc.

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