Shaft Special For Human Food Extruder

We produce high quality Stainless and durable Spline Shaft is used for twin-screw food extruder, Such as Snacks Processing, Breakfast cereals Processing, Pasta & Noodle Making, Sugar Processing, Baby Food Processing, Biscuit Processing.

Product Details

 We produce high quality  Stainless and durable Spline Shaft is used for twin-screw food extruder, Such as Snacks , Breakfast cereals , Pasta & Noodle Making, Sugar , Baby Food , Biscuit. All shafts, tips,and  Spline sleeves are 100% Replaceable. 

shaft special for  Breakfast cereals extrudershaft special for Pasta  extrudershaft special for noodles extruder
shaft special for Sugar extrudershaft special for Vegetable protein extrudershaft special for snaks extruder

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