Multi-teeth Involute Spiral Spline Shaft

Multi-teeth involute spiral spline made by cold rolling process is being mostly used as the spiral spline on motor vehicle starting motor armature shaft to replace 4-key or 6-key rectangular key spline made by milling process.

Product Details


Multiteeth involute spiral spline made by cold rolling process is being mostly used as the spiral spline on motor vehicle starting motor armature shaft to replace 4-key or 6-key rectangular key spline made by milling process

Production scope:

The shaft diameters range from 8 - 150mm with six keys, or eight keys ,or involute spline on the larger sizes.

Longer shaft lengths, a stainless steel version and Multi-teeth involute spiral spline are available upon request.

Processing equipment

Fine Grinding Cylindrical, Special Grinder

Machining process

How to make a good shaft


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