Involute Spline Shaft Cold Rolling Shaft As Spare Parts For Twin Screw

We make replacement parts for other co-rotating and counter-rotating brands, as well. Sizes range from 27mm to 250mm. All components are inspected and guaranteed compatible with OEM equipment.Involute Spline Shaft Cold Rolling Shaft as Spare Parts for Twin Screw.

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Application OF Involute Spline Shaft Cold Rolling Shaft 

The Involute Spline Shaft is widely used in the co-rotating twin screw extruder and building block single screw extruder,  PE Wood-plastic Composite Extruder ,  Pet Food & Treats  , Cable Compounds Extrusion and powder coating industries. kalshine provides a variety of spline shafts, a variety of materials.

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We offer a variety of shafts: stand involute spiral spline , single keyway s,4-key /6-key/8-key rectangular key spline, Dowel keys, Tapered Keys, Woodruff Keys, even Multi-teeth involute spiral spline, we also have Hexagonal axis, Polygonal axis, some for the food extrusion and pet food machine. More details please ask the manger

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You need to provide both drawings and standard documents. Maybe we used to produce the shafts, but the Involute Spline Standard need to be confirmed again.

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