Customized Shaft for Extruder & Eccentric Pelletizing Line

Customized Extruder & Eccentric Pelletizing Line Shaft

Product Details

 1.Customized Extruder & Eccentric Pelletizing Line Shaft --Suitable industries Include

Standard Involute Spline Shaft

2.  Customized Extruder & Eccentric Pelletizing Line Shaft --Appearance

3.  Customized Extruder & Eccentric Pelletizing Line Shaft --Dimensions and Accuracy


Diameters range : 8 - 100mm

Reference extruder model:TSE20-TSE135

4. Customized Extruder & Eccentric Pelletizing Line Shaft --Packaging and transportation

We provide packing in wooden cases. You can choose train, sea or air transportation according to your needs. You can ask the sales manager to give you a weight estimate for a single shaft. We also provide freight quotation services.

5. Customized Extruder & Eccentric Pelletizing Line Shaft --A&Q

(1) What information does the quotation need to provide?

         Drawing (if any), length of mandrel, parameters of spline, photo of mandrel, model and manufacturer of applied extruder, or sample, we           also provide mapping service.

         (2) How long does it take to process?

          According to the details of the materials you provided and the materials you selected.Generally, it can be delivered within 30 days.

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