ZME Screw Elements

We offer 100% interchangeable components ZME screw elements, TME screw elements, SME screw elements for PP PE PC ABS extrusion line.

Product Details

Both ZME (a.k.a. from W&P origination) and TME (Turbine mixing element or Toothed mixing element- more figurative explain) are distributive mixing elements. they are usually recommended for use with low viscosity polymers or compounds, where it performs with higher distributive mixing efficiency than kneading paddle blocks. the teeth of ZME elements are pitched, so that the teeth wipe not only the root of the element, but also the entire barrel portion as well. unlike the TME type, eliminating possible dead spots and material degradation. At the same time, it's a little less dispersive than TME.


Kalshine supply durable and quality ZME screw elements, Diameter range from 20mm to 150mm, Suitable for various brands of extruders. Welcome to inquire and order.


 22 ZME

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