Screw & Barrel Special for XPS Foam Board Extruder

Specialized in plastic components, screw elements, barrels and shafts for XPS production.

Product Details

Specialized in plastic components, screw elements, barrels and shafts for XPS production.    KALSHINE xps SCREW

Our strength is we have a professional team engaged in XPS extrusion industry for 10 years.  Our engineers have a clear understanding of the production process of XPS foam board extrusion, and the experience of equipment manufacture and the maintenance. By constantly perfected and summarized, we have applied different screw for the production of XPS foam board extruder when it extrusion different thickness or different bulk density needed board.Customers from many countries and regions have used our screw, and have given them high praise.

Our screw element, through up to 19 processing procedures, is well-manufactured, especially suitable for XPS extrusion production. To meet the requirements of super high pressure and high speed mixing. Choose Kalshine, choose a good screw.

Our Barrels, has a double performance of high requirements from material and quality. Suitable for high pressure, high torque and low speed production. Ensure stable production. Special wear-resistant matching makes the barrel very wear-resistant. According to your production situation, you can consult us about the layout of screw, you may get how we can offer youthe better mixing effect or improve the quality of finished products, reduce or increase bulk density, etc.

Our shaft, although the shaft is an inexpensive component, it carries the power transmission of the whole extruder and the task of stable working conditions. In barrel of our XPS foam board production line has high pressure, foaming agent injection, cooling and heating. The performance requirements of the axle are very high. Kalshine provides good using shaft specially for XPS foam board extruder.

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