Twin Screw For PP Pelletization

Twin Screw for PP Pelletization,Parallel Twin Screw,Polypropylene Modified Granulation, PP Pelletizing Screw and barrel

Product Details


   We Provide High Quality Parallel Twin Screw , Screw Elements , Shafts , Barrels and other components for PP Polymer Pelletization . 

Our Screw Elements are rugged, wear-resistant and non-fragile. They are your safe choice for production.

   In Polypropylene Modified Granulation often adds glass fibers (long glass fibers, short glass fibers, glass beads), minerals, elastomers or polyethylene to improve performance. Different materials have different requirements for heating and speed, so the requirements for screw are also different. We provide PP Pelletizing  Screw to meet different needs.

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