Twin Screw For Food Extruder

Food Grade Screw Elements, Food-grade Stainless Steel twin screw, Screw elements for Food Extruder, screw elements, shaft, barrel for Snacks, breakfast cereals, Sugar, Pasta, Various plant protein etc.

Product Details

We produce high quality screw elements, shaft, barrel and other accessories for food extrusion production. Such as Snacks Processing, Breakfast cereals Processing, Pasta & Noodle Making, Sugar Processing, Baby Food Processing, Biscuit Processing, and Pet food Processing, Aqua Feed Processing etc.

Whether to produce high-quality Snacks, breakfast cereals, food ingredients, Sugar, Beverage, Breweries, Salt, Convenience Food & Spices we offer great leeway for parameter settings – effectively enabling the screw.

In Pasta & Noodle Making, we suggest use low kneading elements where protein denaturation and starch gelatinization are generally avoided.

In Processing of vegetable protein product which is similar to lean meat fiber, More productivity and wear performance improvements can be considered appropriately

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