Twin Screw Extruder Screw And Barrel

We provide the screw, shaft and barrels for the twin screw extruder. Our products have excellent technology, high precision and long service life.

Product Details

Kalshine provide precision twin screw elements, barrels , shafts and accessories which support  for many industries, including plastics compounding, masterbatch, powder coatings, human food, pet food, and many others.

Screw elements, You can refer to the following page to understand the detailed parameters.

SCREW ELEMENTS.jpgScrew Elementare made in high quality high-speed steel, Nitriding steel and high wear-resistant alloy, it will decrease the frequency of replacement spare part. It is suitable for six spline shaft , inner six angle spline shaft, and involute spline shaft. 

3kneading elements.jpgKneading Elements  form an important functional part of the co-rotating twin screw extruder. The melting process is generally carried out in the kneading elements. Standard kneading elements are characterized by the Length, number of discs and the offset angle between the discs..

geattype elements.jpgGear Type Elementswith multilobe geometre eliminate meta-radial shear and acheve efficient distributive mixing.

Shaft, you can refer to the following interface to understand the detailed parameters: for Extruder, We provide customized and processing services for various sizes, specifications and materials. We have own heat treatment furnace. The processing cycle is short and the precision is high.


Barrel, you can refer to the following web page for detailed parameters

20182.jpgTwin screw extruder Barrels, provided by kalshine,has a double performance of high requirements from material and quality. When you order,we will confirm the following aspects with you.Raw material、Plasticizing time、L/D based on discharge diameter of the screws, Ideal yield and cost you want etc.

KALSHINE focus on extruder equipment and accessories, with a variety of material and excellent equipment.