Twin Screw Extruder Elements ,screw Element For Twin Screw Extruder

·Conveniently operate by special combination. · Fulfill efficient self-cleaning, transmission, compounding, pressure-forming, etc. · Made of high tool speed W6Mo5Cr4V2, or anti-corrosion steel 38CrMoAlA by special treatment and different materials. Customized according to the required materials · Assembled together, they will become twin screw which are essential and key part of extruders for material to transmission, shearing and plasticization.

Product Details


High consistency and high straightness

More high quality materials more choices,Professional technical team service ,Provide sample service

High maching precision and soomth surface

 2.Type of materials

Nitrided steel

- high surface hardness and soft core after heat treatment. Have certain corrosion resistance, strong toughness, not easy to crack. Suitable for mild corrosive materails. High cost performance

High speed tool steel 

adopts vacuum quenching, which has a strong hardness and strong resistance to abrasion. It is suitable for high filling materials, including engineering plastics of 30% glass fiber and color master materials etc.

Stainless steel

3 series stainless steel and 4 series stainless steel and stainless iron are used in food and feed extruders

Hastelloy C

super anti-corrosive nickel alloy. This type of screw elements is used to produce fluoroplastics.


with ultra high wear resistance . High abrasion resistance, good toughness after quenching, not easy to crack in special conditions. Suitable for high speed, high torque screw element. 


with high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance Suitable for the processing of corrosive materials. 





Process optimization

Machine upgrades

Screw and shaft cleaning as well as re-configuration

Project and design engineering assistance



We have decades of industry experience, also committed to design, making and implementation of the advanced materials platform technology, which efficiently transforms and operates the materials in the field of biomaterials, bio refining, pharmaceuticals, food and plastics and more. We also make screw element in such way that it ensembles to the screw by its inner or outer diameter.

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