Twin Screw And Barrel For Food Extruder

Twin Screw For Food Extruder

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This component can produce all kinds of puffed food, crisp pea, wheat-flavored chicken nuggets, breakfast cereals and other snack foods. The production threshold is relatively low, but the products are ever-changing. By changing the raw material formula, seasoning formula, molding mold, you can produce puffed foods of various shapes and colors; at the same time, the production line can also be used for the production of some cereal meal replacement foods, such as Cereal rings, baby food supplements, puffed rice, etc. 微信图片_20200630172556

   Usually pursues nutritional balance and pure natural grain fragrance, so the production process is different from leisure puffed food, and it is usually finished without spraying seasoning.

This machine adopts screw extrusion molding technology supplemented by various extrusion models with different shapes, and then made by frying and seasoning. It not only retains the good taste of hand-made pasta products, but also realizes the raw materials. , Infinite innovation of modeling; this production line can produce fried crispy noodles with wonderful crispy corners, rice noodles, salad sticks, squid rolls, and small twists.

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