TPU Pelletizing Extruder Barrel

kalshine manufactures segmented twin-screw extruder barrel, which can be widely used as spare parts for most major brands of twin-screw extruders. Our infiltration brazed tungsten carbide cladding is metallurgically bonded to barrel surfaces, resulting in barrels super wear and corrosion resistance. We support customized processing .

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Barrel  for TPU Pelletizing Extruder 

Kalshine provide Barrel  for TPU, TPV Compounds Extruder. According to the physical characteristics of thermoplastic elastomer, suitable for Underwater Pelletizing of Many equipment manufacturers :Coperion, Berstorff,Leistritz ,JSW ,Toshiba, Kobe, Ikegai, CPM, etc

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Barrel  for TPU Pelletizing Extruder

Barrel  for TPU Pelletizing Extruder

TPU, TPV Pelletizing Way—Underwater Pelletizing


The thermoplastic elastomer generally adopts parallel twin-screw underwater cutting granulation. The commonly used models are 65 type extruder and 75 type extruder. The motor power is slightly higher than that of the general underwater cutting granulation, and the heating power is also higher than that of the general granulation, mainly because they have the characteristics of high temperature resistance. The structure of the granulation is also adjusted according to the different viscosity.


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As a supplier of twin-screw parts and accessories, Kalshine has excellent technical strength and advanced processing technology to provide high-quality service guarantee for global customers.


We will provide Screw Element for TPU, TPV Compounds Extruder. According to the physical characteristics of thermoplastic elastomer, in addition, the color of your granulation should also inform us of our technology to facilitate our better service. If you have customized requirements, you can also fill in the form below to contact us.

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