Three Screw Extruder Barrel

kalshine offer Three Screw Extruder Barrel,Customized processing of high-precision barrel, precision casting alloy bushing, wear resistance. Super wear resistance is suitable for long-term use and high filling granulation, suitable for more than 50% carbon black mother filling granulation, etc

Product Details

Twin-screw extruder is widely used, but it is not good enough in high filling and high mixing requirements. The characteristics of three-screw extruder solve this kind of problem very well.

For example:

Production of 80% high concentration filled masterbatch ,The output of 52 parallel twin-screw extruder is 60 kg/h, and that of 52 parallel three-screw extruder is 350 kg/h, and twin-screw extruder should use high-speed mixer and internal mixer, otherwise it can only do 40% filling concentration. On the contrary, three screw machine is not needed.


How does three screw extrusion work?

The three screws of the three screw extruder are arranged in parallel and rotate in the same direction, which is equivalent to the simultaneous operation of two pairs of twin screws. Therefore, it has better mixing characteristics and richer arrangement and combination.



1.  Fully plasticized, High product quality, Due to the existence of two meshing areas, the rolling area is multiplied to make the dispersion more uniform

2. Energy saving

3. High yield

Our engineers adjust the kneading size according to many years of production experience, and specially produce a series of screw elements, mandrel and barrel for 3-screw extruder. Customized processing services are also carried out at the same time. Welcome to consult and purchase.