Special Screw For Micro Adhesive Injection Pump

Screw for Adhesive /Glue/ EPOXY /Cement micro injection pump,Screw for servo motorized micro bicomponent screw pump,Screw for micro screw pump ,Screw for Mobile phone battery Dispenser part.

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Special Screw for Micro Adhesive Injection Pump

The smallest parts pose the greatest challenges

Two key points of dispensing,one is the stability of continuous glue, the other is the control of water quantity. Their common problem is the capability of the injection pump screw with small injection volume.We offer practical and efficient solutions in this area. It is a great challenge to machining the screw which only one sixth of the thickness of one your finger . We have specially designed a new machine tool for processing the screw.the roundness and runout have reached the micron level. and the minimum injection volume of 0.002cc. when the screw Revolving for a week. You are welcome to contact us .

Application:Adhesive /Glue/ EPOXY /Cement micro injection pump,servo motorized micro bicomponent screw pump,micro screw pump ,Mobile phone battery Dispenser part.

Model: 0.002cc ~ 1.5cc

Optional Material: 304/ 316l

Surface Treatment: hard Cr plating

Surface Accuracy: 5um

Sales Hotline: 188 0517 9187

E-mail: market@kalshine.com

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