SME-Screw Mixing Element

Kalshine provides high quality and exchangeable SME components for efficient mixing and low temperature in the compounding of co-rotating twin-screw extrusion.

Product Details

The screw mixing element (SME), a kind of special element, was a distributive mixing promoter consisting of a standard screw profile with slots cut across the flight tip to increase leakage flow. Various research experiments show that: the SME had the advantages of low heat generation and good distributive mixing, so, more using SME in the conditions of excessive frictional heat or poor cooling, the surface and quality of products will be improved obviously.

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Size range:  single screw element D90-350mm. Twin screw element D20~135mm

Our Equipment: , CNC automatic thread grinder, precision cylindrical, surface grinder, CNC,special numerical control machine tools;

Our Technology: Full-time operation by technicians with many years of professional production and rich processing experience ensures the quality of products; 100% self-inspection, 20% spot-inspection, fully responsible for quality;

Our Model: Processing multi-manufacturer threaded components such as Coperion (Germany), Berstorff (Germany), Leistritz (Germany), Theysohn (Germany), Buss (Switzerland), APV (UK), JSW (Japan), Toshiba (Japan), Kobe (Japan), Ikegai (Japan) etc. Provide customers with a variety of customized processing service.

Every screw element in Kalshine is high-precise, high-efficient and exchangeable by a strict testing method.

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