Screw Element ▏Underwater Pelletizing Line Parts

Kalshine provides high-quality Screw Elements for underwater compounding & pelletizing line, can produce TPU, TPR, TPE elastomer, and can be matched with BKG, GALA and other brands of pelletizer

Product Details

Screw Element ▏Underwater Pelletizing Line Parts

Kalshine offer screw elements as spare parts for underwater pelletizing which suitable for masterbatch, compounding and recycling applications up to 2,000 kg/hr (4,400 lb/hr).

the screw elements suitable for processing almost all polymer types, both common and special, can process near all materials, especially for TPU,TPR,TPE elastomer ; equal quality as European quality


Advantage of Screw Element Underwater Pelletizing Line


Material of Screw Element