Screw Element Special For WPC Decking Extrusion Line

kalshine supply Screw Element Special for PE Wood-plastic Composite Extrudern,using before the second extrusion of WPC decking, floor,Profiles.Super hard surface is very wear-resistant and can be used for a long time.

Product Details

Extruder Parts - Screw Element4

Overall Description

kalshine supply Screw Element Special for Wood polymer composites Pelletizing & granulation,using before the second extrusion of  WPC decking, floor,Profiles.Super hard surface is very wear-resistant and can be used for a long time.

Wood products are very popular because they have many incomparable benefits. With the increasingly serious environmental protection problems, wood plastic products that can be heat-treated will be further widely used

Advantages of WPC decking extrusion products

1. Good processing performance: nail driving, drilling, cutting, bonding, good paint adhesion and painting.

2. It will not produce cracks and warps, no knots and twills, and the color is gorgeous without regular maintenance.

3. No toxic, pollution, formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

4. Fire protection, water-proof, corrosion-resistant, moisture-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, moth free, and fungus free.

5. Solid quality, light weight, heat preservation, smooth and flat surface.

Actually solve the enormous challenge of larger output and higher wear-resistant !

Based on the long-term experience summary and technical improvement, we have given a good answer to solve the wear-resistant problem of WPC Pelletizing &  Granulation effectively.Provide you with high-quality screw element and high torque shaft to help you produce efficiently.

If you have any questions about wood plastic production, you can contact us!

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