Screw Element Special For Plastic Processing Lines

as one of the most common components of parallel co-rotating twin-screw extruder screw. kalshine can provide high quality screw suitable for various shafts:six spline shaft , inner six angle spline shaft, and involute spline shaft; kinds of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant material to meet the needs according to different working conditions:high-speed steel, Nitriding steel ,and high wear-resistant alloy ;it will decrease the frequency of replacement spare part.

Product Details

Kalshine provide quality Screw Element Special for Plastic processing lines :

Single flight, twin flight and tri-lobe elements, Kneading blocks and single mixing paddles or discs, High volume intake elements, Conveying elements, Compression elements, Reverse elements, Flow splitting elements to mix different viscosities, Transition elements from single flight to twin flight, Discharge elements, Side feeder elements etc.

All  screw segment can be completely replaced, with high processing accuracy, materials and wear resistance. It is very suitable for the extrusion production of pelletized  ,profiles and high-speed pipes.

You can refer to the following page to understand the detailed parameters.

Product application

Industry   application: pelletizer&recycling of plastics, food extruder, expanded food and snacks, animal   feed, paper making, powder coating, 

profile extrusion, etc.

Industry  application of screw elementProduct Advantages

  • Our Technology: Full-time operation by technicians with many years of professional production and rich processing experience ensures the quality of products; 100% self-inspection, 20% spot-inspection, fully responsible for quality;

  • Our Material: Select high-quality high-speed steel materials, nitrided steel, Hip powder alloy;

  • Our Process: Strictly control the processing accuracy, ensure adequate heat treatment, optimize the processing process, each process must be qualified before circulation,  every screw element must be qualified before shipment.

  • Our Model: Processing multi-manufacturer threaded components such as Coperion (Germany), Berstorff (Germany), Leistritz (Germany), Theysohn (Germany), Buss (Switzerland), APV (UK), JSW (Japan), Toshiba (Japan), Kobe (Japan), Ikegai (Japan), etc.providecustomers with a variety of customized processing servic.

Equipment Display

Equipment: , CNC automatic thread grinder, precision cylindrical, surface grinder, CNC,special numerical control machine tools;

Equipment of screw element

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