Screw Element Special For Fish Feed Extrusion Systems

Screw Element Special for Fish Feed Extrusion Systems Size range from 22mm to 350mm, fit dry type machine and wet type machine. also can produce pet food/dog food/cat food..High processing accuracy, 100% replaceable extruder of various brands.

Product Details

 Product Advantages

1.It can make poultry-fodder, pet-fodder, as well as aquaculture-fodder and fishery feed, which is also called floating feed;

2.More anti-wear steel raw material;

3. High processing accuracy, 100% replaceable extruder of various brands;

4. Accept customized drawing or sample;

5.Self- Cleaning Function ,The Groove/Slotting on the screw element(kneading block) which have self-cleaning function.and Plasticization of products with a higher;

6.We have Professional engineer team to do Oversea Service for Technical Support and Measuring.

 Screw Element Special for Fish feed extrusion systems  ,Floating Fish Feed Machine2