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We offer 100% interchangeable components screw elements ,gear-type elements,kneading elements.The screws are used mainly high-quality steel, with a special heat treatment and finishing, to achieve high precision and high wear resistance.

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 How to choose a good screw?

How to choose a good screw?

   No official answer. Possible service life is an important indicator which has many related factors :material quality, arrangement and combination, processing accuracy ,characteristic of production materials, different positions on the screw ,the arrangement and combination of segment screw elements etc. How to choose a suitable screw and use it to the greatest extent.Come to contact us ,see more possible for you.

Kalshine manufacture and sale quality, durable extruder parts that ensure continued, trouble-free operation. Screw elements, shafts, tips, Spline sleeves and barrels are all 100% Replaceable. Especially wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, special performance screw elements are welcome to consult and customize.

Replaceable models  of screw element


Our screw element, through up to 19 processing procedures, has excellent manufacturing, high accuracy and good interchangeability, and is especially suitable for extrusion production. At the same time, it can meet the needs of ultra-high pressure and high speed mixing. Choose Kalshine, choose a good screw.

Our barrel,precision machining and high quality processing technology, effectively ensure the quality for each product.  Standard barrel Size range D90-350mm for single screw extruder, D20~135mm for twin screw extruder,A variety of alloy liner materials are available.

Our shaft,  have good machining accuracy, which fully guarantees the replaceability. Technology has been in the leading level of cold processing axis, customers have a good evaluation of our shaft and have been using


screw element



Machining equipment of screw element & shaftMachining equipment of screw element

Machining equipment of barrel

Machining equipment of barrel

Oversea Service

We have Professional engineer team to do Oversea Service for Technical Support and Measuring.

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