Screw Element For POM Pelletizing Extruder

kalshine provide high quality Screw Element for POM Pelletizing Extruder to handle complex production and reactive extrusion lines. we can provide thread components for many brands of extruders. 100% replaceable with high precision and good wear resistance.

Product Details

The Screw element we provide is mainly used in POM modified extrusion production. It is suitable for twin screw extruder with both underwater Pelletizing and strand Pelletizing.

In view of the serious situation of POM granulation wear, we will replace the components specially used for wear condition to ensure your safety in production.


POM physical modified granulation

a. Toughening modification

The main toughening modification is blending. Generally, there are two methods. One is to add elastomer to improve the toughness and impact strength of POM. BR, SBR, TPUR (thermoplastic polyurethane rubber), acrylate elastomer, etc. The other way of toughening is to use non elastic materials, that is, nylon or copolynylon with excellent comprehensive properties or rigid materials are mixed with POM


b. Enhanced filling modification

Effective cost, achieve incremental purpose, or make the performance of plastic products have obvious change.

Generally, inorganic materials such as glass beads, talcum powder, mica, calcium carbonate, glass fiber, potassium titanate, carbon fiber are added to the resin to enhance the filling and modification, so as to improve the strength, rigidity and thermal deformation temperature of the polymer and reduce the cost.


c. Other modifications

It is mainly aimed at the improvement of the wear resistance, flame retardant and weather resistance of POM.



Preparation of flame-retardant POM masterbatch by adding flame retardants (such as melamine, ammonium polyphosphate and pentaerythritol diphosphate)

The POM self-lubricating composite was developed by modifying the friction coefficient of POM in many ways.


Whatever your POM granulation is Toughening modification, Enhanced filling modification or Other modifications , We can all do well.

Contact us and have a screw today !


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