Screw And Barrel Special For XPS Extrusion machine

single screw, twin screw and barrel are special design for XPS foam board Extrusion line. High quality long life screw and barrel for styrofoam production, styrofoam Extrusion line.

Product Details


  Kalshine provides high-quality XPS extruder screw and barrel for styro-foam (XPS foam board) production line . we work in styro-foam extruder for a long time ,Improve our technology steply,Now, Our screws and barrels are using reliable, stable,wear resistance and high output.

10 years of industry experience to provide you with high quality  screw and barrel. screw and barrel.jpg

Twin Screw Extruder Screw and Barrel

       Diameter of twin screw:  φ75, φ85, φ95, φ110, φ130

XPS Single Screw Barrel.jpg

Single Screw and Barrel for XPS extrusion line

      Diameter of single screw:  φ120, φ150, φ200, φ250, φ300, φ400, φ500.

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