PVC Screw Barrel

PVC Screw Barrel
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We provide a large number of special screw and barrel for PVC material.

The PVC conical twin screw which is designed for the characteristics of PVC material improves the mixing effect and the feeding is more stable.

The following condition is necessary for the screw to be replaced

Decline in capacity

The quality of the product is suddenly unstable

There's a lot of noise.

The screw has been used for a long time. Large orders will be produced immediately.

The quality of the product is unstable due to the design


PVC special screw barrel classification:

Screw and barrel for PVC pipe (hard pipe)

Screw and barrel for PVC hose (LGP low pressure PVC hose)

Screw and barrel for PVC silk

Screw and barrel for PVC profile

Screw and barrel for PVC foamed plate

Screw and barrel for PVC wood plastic

Screw (agricultural greenhouse film) for PVC blowing film

Conical Twin Screw&Barrel pvc kalshine (2).jpg                                              

Material of screw and barrel

Base   Materials:
  1)38CrMoAlA(JIS SACM645)
  2)42CrMo(AISI 4140)
  3)4Cr5MoSi V1 (JIS SKD-61)

Bimetallic   alloy materials:
  1)Fe-based alloy
  2)Ni-based alloy/Deloro alloy
  3)Co-based alloy
  4)NiCo-based alloy
  5)Tungsten carbide/Wolfram carbide

Technical parameter:

Nitrided   layer depth: 0.5-0.8mm
  Nitrided hardness: 900-1000HV
  Nitrided brittleness: Less than grade 1
  Surface roughness: Ra0.4
  Linearity of screw: 0.015mm
  Hard-chrome plating hardness after nitriding: Higher than 950HV
  Chrome-plating layer depth: 0.025-0.085mm

Welcome to contact our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China to place an order of the screw for pvc. Our factory has employed a group of highly qualified staff at your service. Please be free to get the quality products made in China from us.