PM HIP Screw Element

kalshine understand the mechanical and microstructural evolution of PM-HIP materials after long-term operation at the elevated temperatures that PM-HIP components will experience in service. Provide a variety of powder alloy materials for extrusion production of food and plastic compound with severe wear and corrosion

Product Details

PM HIP Screw Element2

We offer 3 type PM-HIP materials for screw elements:

PM01--The utility model can effectively prolong the service time of the whole screw when the working condition of severe wear and the local wear are solved;

PM02--It is used for severe corrosion conditions such as pelletizing of LSZH/HFFR/XLPE Cable flame retardant masterbatch, etc;

PM03--The stainless steel powder alloy material for Cl ion corrosion can effectively solve the problems of food extrusion or medicine industry;

Why PM-HIP material is wear-resistant or corrosion-resistant?

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