Mix Elements

We offer 100% interchangeable components screw elements ,gear-type elements,kneading elements.
The screws are used mainly high-quality steel, with a special heat treatment and finishing, to achieve high precision and high wear resistance.

Product Details

Product description

   Elements largely used for distributive mixing are offered by almost all extruder manufacturers.

Typically, elements with a large number of teeth on a toothed ring, are useing alternating on the two shafts.

  The function of the mixing element is very similar to the kneading elements. The melting material is further mixed and dispersed by different shapes. Whatever the mixing element is, when it rotates, the material in the space formed by it undergoes compression, stretching, shearing and kneading.

    The mixing effect is determined by the screw speed, the geometrical shape of the mixing element and the material flow from one mixing element to another.

    Mixed elements should fully consider the performance of raw materials to prevent overheating.

Standard type:








It has special effect on shearing and dispersing, especially in the shear of glass fiber material.

The addition of the mixing elements is equivalent to the obstacles set along the material flow channel, which affects the smoothness of the screw channel, and has a direct effect on axial mixing, and the axial reverse mixing ability is very strong.

These elements are not self-cleaning and, geometrically, vary greatly in the number of teeth, number of teeth rows, width of the teeth, pitch direction, etc

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