Hot Melt Extrusion Screw

Taking full advantage of co-rotating technology, kalshine's screw geometry, metallurgy and manufacturing discipline allow for industry leading material mixing and productivity in multiple areas of processing.

Product Details

Hot Melt Extrusion Screw & barrel 

We provide high quality hot melt extrusion screw, shaft and barrel, which is mainly used in the manufacture of slow-release and controlled-release preparations, the preparation of difficult-to-fuse drugs, the local drug delivery preparations, highly soluble medicines and chemical reagents, etc.

       Hot melt  extrusion (HME) is a technology that uses twin screw extruder to disperse API evenly in polymer-based carriers.It has been introduced into pharmaceutical industry since 1990s. With its unique mixing process, it has gradually become the best method to improve the solubility of drugs and then optimize them.

       Common Plastic Drug Carriers: PVP, Methacrylate, Cellulose


There is barely no difference  between the palstic pelletizing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

   If you have any questions about the performance of your screw elements, or wear issues you may have, give us a call to discuss your needs and see how we can help you on +86 188 0517 9187

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