Gear Type Elements

We offer 100% interchangeable components screw and barrelsThe screws are used mainly high-quality steel, with a special heat treatment and finishing, to achieve high precision and high wear resistance.We offer special Gear Type Elements customization.

Product Details

Product description

  Gear Type Elements (mixing element)  is an essebtial function in an extruder.the goal of mixing pross in an extruder is to in crease the uniformity of the com position.

Gear Type Elements with multilobe geometre eliminate meta-radial shear and acheve efficient distributive mixing.

Gear-Type elements standard type

Mxing Elements--kalshine


    According to your working conditions, we will recommend different materials and heat treatment processes. When you feel that your screw needs to be replaced, you can contact us. We recommend the most suitable scheme for you. Whether it requires high wear resistance or serious corrosion, we have countermeasures.

Machining machinery

1 advanced vacuum quenching furnace;

2 modernized 4 axis CNC;

3 special thread machining machinery;

4 numerical control screw grinder;

6 three coordinate measuring instrument;

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