Extruder Screw Elements

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Professional manufacturer for  Screw Element

  Our Screw elements are from Nanjing, China where is the largest base of parallel twin screw extruders in the world. All the components have passed the high quality heat treatment and strict quality inspection to ensure your use time to the greatest extent.

  We constantly improve our production capacity to provide you with quality products.

  Is there any abrasion resistance of your screw? What is the reason? Why don't you consult kalshine to find a suitable screw?

  Do your screw often break? Come to kalshine for free to help you analyze the reasons.

  Do you often fret about not being able to buy screw with high cost performance? Come to Kalshine Professional Team to answer the reason for the price.

  We also supply emergency breakdown service to reduce downtime.

Screw elements include:

  • Single flight, twin flight and tri-lobe elements

  • Kneading blocks and single mixing paddles or discs

  • High volume intake elements

  • Conveying elements

  • Compression elements

  • Reverse elements

  • Flow splitting elements to mix different viscosities

  • Transition elements from single flight to twin flight

  • Discharge elements

  • Side feeder elements

If you have any questions about the performance of your screw elements, or wear issues you may have, give us a E-mail to discuss your needs and see how we can help you on :market@kalshine.com


    According to your working conditions, we will recommend different materials and heat treatment processes. When you feel that your screw needs to be replaced, you can contact us. We recommend the most suitable scheme for you. Whether it requires high wear resistance or serious corrosion, we have countermeasures.

Technical parameter

  • Machining diameter range:  Φ22-Φ135mm;

  • Surface roughness: Ra 0.4 um;

  • Surface treatment: sand blasting, polished, high precision mirror polished.

Processing equipment

High efficiency and stability of automation equipment,CNC and NC machine tool processing, high precision

Screws for most makes and sizes of twin screw extruder to fit: 

  • APV / Baker Perkins

  • B&P

  • Buhler

  • Century

  • Clextral

  • Coperion / W&P

  • ICMA

  • KraussMaffei Berstorff

  • Leistritz

  • Maris

  • OMC

  • Prism

  • Theysohn