Extruder Kneading Block

Components for Twin Screw Extruders : Kneading Blocks, Screw Elements,Mixing Elements

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Components for Twin Screw Extruders : Kneading Blocks, Screw Elements

  With high quality, the Kneading elements assure plastic molecular mixing, cutting as well as reacting among themselves etc. By modular optimization arrangement design, the screw is flexible and economical and can be used for longer time.


Type of Kneading Blocks:

Kneading Block-kalshine


    According to your working conditions, we will recommend different materials and heat treatment processes. When you feel that your screw needs to be replaced, you can contact us. We recommend the most suitable scheme for you. Whether it requires high wear resistance or serious corrosion, we have countermeasures.

Application of Kneading Blocks:

It is mainly used in the melting section of the screw. Strong mechanical shear makes the mechanical energy become heat energy, which makes the material melt quickly and completely. At the same time, it can not make the material temperature too high.The good useing of Kneading blocks can get a"Sensible" energy.

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Kalshine supplys all kinds of suitable processing segment screw element/ screw element with reasonable parameters, high self cleaning performance, wear resistance, corrosion-resistance.