Corrosion Resistant Screw Element

kalshine offers high-quality Corrosion resistant Screw Element for extrusion production of food, medicine and expanded snake, as well as for low smoke halogen-free& flame-retardant masterbatch manufacture and fluoroplastics twin-screw extruders which needs corrosion-resistant .

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kalshine offers high-qualityCorrosion resistant Screw Element for extrusion production of food, medicine and expanded snake, as well as for low smoke halogen-free& flame-retardant masterbatch and fluoroplastics twin-screw extruders which has corrosion-resistant requirements .

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Material Science

Conventional materials include 3 series stainless steel (SUS304, SUS316L), 4 series stainless steel , hardening precipitation stainless steel and powder alloy stainless steel. Support more material customization requirements. Our materials are all from large regular steel mills, and the production areas are China, Germany, Japan and Switzerland. You can further choose according to your own needs.

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1 I don't know how to choose between 304 and 316L.

The corrosion resistance of 304 and 361l in conventional water is similar. In the environment containing Cl ions, if it is more than 150mg / L, 316L is recommended. Under this condition, the corrosion resistance of 316L is significantly higher than that of 304.

2. 304 belongs to austenitic stainless steel, so the magnet can't be absorbed, right?

This is not true. Pure austenitic stainless steel has no magnetism, but after machining, 304 material has some magnetism, so the magnet can be attracted.

3. Is the appearance of stainless steel the same?

No, martensitic stainless steel can be heat treated, which is why it is stronger. After heat treatment, the surface of screw element will change color and become not so  bright, it is normal. It is also unscientific to judge whether the material is stainless steel by surface.

4. Easily "injured" stainless steel

Compared with other metals, stainless steel has lower hardness and more scratch tolerance. During the installation and removal process, workers need to be extra careful. We also do special treatment and protection when we leave the factory, so we do not accept the requirement of replacing the goods with surface scratches.

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