Aluminum Foil And XPS Foam Board Composite Production Line

Automatic production line for XPS /EPS board with aluminum foil,XPS Sandwich Panel Composite Line ,XPS Aluminum Foil Sandwich Panel Composite Line ,HVAC duct panels production line,Single-sided aluminum foil composite XPS and double-sided aluminum foil composite XPS optional

Product Details

Aluminum foil and XPS foam board composite production line



This equipment is used for Aluminum foil and XPS foam board composite production. The baord mainly using is as HVAC air duct and floor heating paving base material. It has the characteristics of fire protection, waterproof and high temperature resistance.


Aluminum foil and XPS foam board composite production line can also be used for EPS foam board and aluminum foil composite, phenolic panel and aluminum foil composite, electronic whiteboard and aluminum foil composite, glass magnesium board composite, etc.


Production Process

Aluminum foil uncoiling - flattening - glue coating - hot air blowing to glue drying - XPS foam board delivery - composite - sheet cutting

- Inversion of the panel -- Repeat the above steps


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